P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 19: Legs & Back, ARX & Graduation

Weird day. My parents are visiting for my son Daniel’s High School graduation.  We’re very proud of him, he did well in school, studied hard and is going to Georgia Tech to study engineering. But it’s bittersweet. I hate to see him with one foot going out the door, but know he will do well in his pursuits.

That’s not the weird part. That’s all normal parent, life cycle stuff. The weird part was my mother wanted to watch me do “that exercise stuff” I’ve been doing. So she sat through my ENTIRE performance of Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X. First my mother-in-law wants to watch me do yoga, now it’s my mom (and my dad came down for the second round).  We really provide top-notch entertainment here for our guests. It’s embarrassing. Then, as I was grunting may way through some exercise, my mother says “stop, that’s enough.” I tell her: “you know, it’s hard enough to work my way through this stuff, fighting my own demons to complete the reps without you also chiming in that I should stop.” It’s funny, in hindsight, but it REALLY IS hard to press on when the majority of people in the room (including myself) want me to stop.  Anyway, they were impressed by the effort. Now she wants to watch Yoga.  I have cable TV in the house, by the way.

As I’ve progressed in my P90X Round One and this Hybrid, I’ve been enjoying exponential gains in unassisted Pull Ups. But being somewhat familiar with math, I knew that exponential gains wouldn’t last, that gains would start to slow down. Well, I’m there. I’ve plateaued for now on Pull Ups. My cumulative total unassisted this week increased to 68 from last week’s 66. I’ll just keep pulling for any increase I can muster.

Gotta go, off to the ceremony!

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