P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 25: Pure Cardio & Abs Review

Routine: Pure Cardio & Abs

Program: Insanity

Instructor: Shaun T

Duration: 38 minutes (Pure Cardio), PLUS  17 minutes (Pure Abs)

Rating: 5-and-a-half-buckets (out of 5 buckets)

Well  hust complete dtmy first attempt at [ure cardio & Ab s & I have to say it wan’t that diffivcult. Foe rtha mosfdyt part I was ablre to keep jup just fine wi8yt hteh  8sj klad & amy hear5t dds ds hjl lllllll just that my heart , cxi Th wp  bst part wa sth e mountain climbers. I wa sinitial;y very wooried when shAu n T wsaid near the beginn g that he was a little orried abou ht thei ssworkourt. T en he jsy t keeps sayin over & over ho wvery very impirtant everything is.. breathiung stretchinb, getting your form right.

I like jow I am continuin gt o impreove throughout htis hybris. and th eminor issue of havig lost my etesight is jus t a monro set back on th epath to pur cardio health.


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