P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 26: Core Synergistics

Milestone: I celebrated my49th birthday today with Core Synergistics.

I must confess I did not give this my “all” today, because:

1) Honestly, I really don’t care for Core Synergistics, with all the rolling around on the floor, and

2) During about the 20th rep of Squat X-Press, my Yellow Resistance Band snapped at the handle, whipping the band down HARD onto the top of my left foot. It hurt. Looking at the comments more closely on Amazon’s site, I see now that several P90Xers have had the same issue. Time to invest in better quality bands. I’m very open to recommendations.

After the band kissed my foot, subsequent moves, pushups, and any plank type exercise, was just painful. This after I was just whining the other day how my big toes are sore from smashing them repeatedly in the Level 1 Drills.

I feel like I’m falling apart this “Recovery Week” because I’ve also slightly tweaked my right knee from Shaun T’s repeated Heismans and variations thereof. I don’t think it’s serious though. I’ll be able to test it out tomorrow during a tennis match.

I just stepped off the scale. I’m exactly at 150 lbs now, down 15 since beginning my first round on January 23 and 5 since beginning this Round 2 Hybrid.  I expect that I will have to go down to 145 before all the belly fat is finally vanquished. From there, I hope to gain some weight back in the form of muscle mass. To do so, I’ll have to start eating more.

Gotta go feed the dog… she’s driving me crazy!

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