P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 29: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps; ARX

I opted to proceed and do Chest, Shoulders & Triceps yesterday since it involved no leg work and I want to give my knee a bit of a rest. My overall results were close to where I left off this routine in week 12 of Round 1. My push up capability is slightly degraded, but not alarmingly so. A surprise to me was that Ab Ripper X was not horrible. My typical experience to date has been that the first Ab Ripper X session following Recovery Week has been particularly gruesome. But this was not. It wasn’t like it was fun or anything like that. But fifer scissors was accomplished with the least pain to date. I guess all the core work in last week’s hybrid recovery week proved beneficial.

I’m travelling the next few days on business. I brought my DVDs with me to give me the option to do an Insanity session and Yoga. But my hotel room is to cramped for Insanity, so I’m just gonna take a break. My knee is starting to feel better, but taking a break makes sense given the periodic twinge and the cramped room. I may still do Yoga if I can squeeze it in.

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