P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 30: Yoga X

Yesterday I was in Cooperstown, NY at a New York State Telephone Association conference where I made a presentation on how to leverage social networking to your company’s benefit. Cooperstown is just beautiful and I wish I had more time to stick around an explore a bit.

Monday was a frustrating travel day. My morning flight out of Atlanta was cancelled and I was rescheduled onto a 3:00 flight. So I drove back home and signed on to my Hertz account to change my arrival time. Hertz’s web site then informed me that my License was expired. What? I open my wallet to look and, sure enough, it expired last week on my birthday. It would have been nice if the Georgia DOT had informed me of this. They sure processed my ad valorem tax without incident.

So I then attempt to renew my license online but am informed after filling out multiple screens of data that I must come in person to renew. Wonderful. Next I get back in my car to visit my friendly neighborhood DOT location. Heck, I’ve got time. I pull into the parking lot and I’m initially excited to see the lot is empty. My lucky day, I’m thinking. But, alas, it was not so very lucky because it turns out, dear reader, that EVERY DOT location in the ENTIRE STATE OF GEORGIA is CLOSED on Mondays. How convenient is that?

So I head back out to the airport, fly to Syracuse (using my US Passport to deal with the TSA) and go to the Hertz counter to test my luck further. The agent promptly asks to see my license, he appears to look at it and then hands it back to me along with the keys and rental agreement. Thank God companies still employ incompetent workers. Off I drove to Cooperstown, NY.

My presentation yesterday went well. It was well attended and people seemed interested and asked good questions. I celebrated this positive outcome by squeezing in Yoga X from the cramped confines of my hotel room.  I’m glad I got this routine in. There’s always too much food and drink at these things and I felt much better afterwards.

I’m a bit off schedule time-wise and with the order of the workouts due both to the travel disruptions and a desire to give my right knee a bit of a rest. But yesterday’s yoga was a milestone nonetheless: Day 30 of my Hybrid. Rah.

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