P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 32, Back & Biceps; ARX & Tennis

Yesterday, was glamour muscle day: Back & Biceps. I haven’t visited this routine since week 12 of my first round of P90X, so I was interested in seeing how I would do. I know I worked hard, because my biceps are aching today.  I got this in early because I had a Senior Men’s Doubles Tennis match scheduled in the evening.

In all, I was able to lift the same weights and match the reps from week 12, though with great difficulty on some moves. Static Arm Curls was tough. Aggregate, unassisted Pull Ups increased to 32 from 28 in week 12. My exponential Pull Up increases are certainly leveling off.  It’s particularly tough for me to get high Pull Up counts in this routine because it just completely destroys my biceps as it progresses. My total “Power Score” (the accumulation of points on the P90X Excel worksheet “Data” tab) increased very slightly to 633 from 630 in week 12, Round 1.

I wonder to what extent I will be able to increase this going forward. I was completely maxed out I remember in week 12 and yesterday as well. Ab Ripper X went well again. The Insanity core stuff has contributed nicely. The dreaded Fifer Scissors were my best, least horrible, to date.

Later in the day came tennis. My partner and I played against a team where one of the guys was this blowhard in a muscle shirt giving me shit about how thin I was and how he could kick my ass because he was so macho and built, because he “pumps iron” you know. Sorry for the language, but he was just an ass.  Anyway, because if this, it was critical that we win–and we did. At one point during a crossover, he (I swear this is true) made some comment about his “guns,” I dunno to intimidate us? I replied flatly that you still need ammo. With all this P90X and now Insanity, I’m starting to get in pretty good shape and I definitely have plenty of ammo–speed and endurance–for tennis. When serving, I went out of my way to keep the pace as rapid as possible to underscore this.

These are the fleeting moments where I actually feel affection for Shaun T.

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