P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 35: Legs & Back; ARX

Yesterday, I did nothing… exercise-wise. I was feeling very drained from Sunday’s walk in the woods and thought it would be best to rest and re-fuel.  I didn’t eat nearly enough on Sunday and Monday was light as well until our spaghetti & meatball dinner. So after carbo loading last night, I felt I should go ahead and complete Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X today, and with it week 5 of my Hybrid round.  Well, wow. My legs were still stuff and wobbly from our 9.5 mile jaunt. So the leg work was difficult. But it’s probably good I went for it.  In any event, Legs & Back was important because it’s an opportunity to work the Pull Ups.

The Pull Ups went reasonably well. When I started, I was just trying to stay even with where I left off in week 3. But surprisingly, I was able to eek out a couple more to increase my aggregate, unassisted count to 70 (up from 68 in week 3).  I did not do any band pulls this time because I’m still gun shy from the last band snapping onto my foot. I think I will  forgo the bands altogether until I replace them with better quality ones. Eliminating the band pulls shortened the duration of Legs and Back to that of a normal P90X routine, so that was an added psychological (if not physical) plus.

I can always tell how my Ab Ripper X session will go by the difficulty of the first 3 moves. And they were tough today. My legs were just feeling heavy and the In and Outs, Bicycles and Crunchy Frogs weren’t fun. But I did them anyway (though I admit I was entertaining the very seductive idea of stopping) and completed the entire thing.

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