P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 40: Cardio Power & Resistance

Shaun T is a very, very bad man. Well, I certainly feel that way when he’s admonishing me to get my knees up, and to go faster in the third round of the warmup (while the legal disclaimer on the screen contradicts that you should go at your own pace).

Although this is the “easier” of the two Insanity routines I have worked thus far, it taxes me.  I can’t really look at the screen when doing this stuff, because it’s almost too unnerving. I sort of gaze off to some nowhere middle distance and try to keep up as best I can. 

Ugh. I’m in that middle zone in P90X land. Not quite half-way through. Last round it was getting tough for me to keep pushing play each day. And my somewhat off schedule week is putting me further out of kilter. I WILL NOT skip Rest day this week.

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