P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 41: Legs & Back; ARX

When I looked at the initial time remaining after the Legs & Back DVD loaded up and started playing, I thought “ugh.” 59 Minutes. And then I gotta do Ab Ripper X for another 16 minutes. No. Stop thinking. For me, the only thing to do that “works” is just to press ahead and try not to think about it. If you just do it, the time passes and you never know where it will lead.

So when I started Legs & Back today, let’s just say I was not enthused. Neither was I motivated. But, and this has happened to me before, after the warmup I began to get engaged in it and started committing to pull up gain attempts. So I kept all the Leg reps and weights unchanged and just focused on Pull Ups. And the results surprised me. In this Hybrid Round 2, I have been squeeking out very marginal gains in cumulative, unassisted pull ups: an increase of exactly 2 per week for Legs & Back. Today, my cumulative, unassisted total somehow increased by 14, bringing me to 84. Wow. So it was worth it to “get my mind right” and do the routine, after all. 

Looking back to when I started, and my Pull Up count was zero, I’m amazed by the difference. 84 is a number that I could not conceive of back then. Today I’m thinking I may get to that magic 100 count by the end of this Round.

This result is a welcome relief to the end of week 6. It’s tough to describe, I knew I would complete each routine this week, but often I didn’t want to. Tomorrow is Rest Day. I may X Stretch it, depending on how I’m feeling.

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