P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 43: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps; ARX

With yesterday’s Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, I finally broke free from the levels I’ve been mired in all this Round 2.

While I continue to keep weights very low for all the shoulder stuff, I did experience good gains in Push Ups. Part of this is likely due to better form, but part is certainly strength related. Specifically, I was able to do Clap Push Ups without fear of smashing my face into the floor. One Arm Push Ups, while not very low, were happening nonetheless. I also “heavied up my weights” for many of the tricep moves. As a result, my “Power Score” (the accumulation of points on the P90X Excel worksheet “Data” tab), jumped to 583, up from 555 last week.

I have to say my favorite “player” in this DVD is Phil “la Machina.” Not only is he in great shape, but his intelligence is displayed through his wit. I love it when we’re warming up, doing our arm circles and Tony asks Phil if he’s “feeling this,” to which Phil replies: “No.” And the truth is, if you’re in the second plus round of P90X, you aren’t feeling it any longer during the arm circles. Anyway, Tony quickly knights Phil as “la Machina,” which, by the way, is “Spanish.”

Phil also clearly works hard throughout the routine, pulling and pushing way beyond my ability. This is inspiring to see, especially when compared to Katie of Back & Biceps, who groans her way through 5 lbs curls and untold number of chair pull ups. Or Wesley in Kenpo X…

Finally, Phil brings joy to the “World Famous” Karen Pot Stirrers, where he declares that for his soup, he’s “stirring up trouble.” I believe Tony REALLY didn’t like it that Phil had a better line than him. Sweaty sock soup, indeed.

Speaking of Tony, did you see hear about his recent injury?

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