P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 44: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Yesterday I completed yet another session of Insanity’s Plyo Cardio Circuit. I’m improving. I got through the warmup with good pace, did my stretches, and worked my way through all three rounds of Circuit One, keeping up with the nutjobs on the DVD. I also performed better in the Second Circuit. I still reached failure at various points doing Ski Abs and In and Outs, But the Level One Drills were better.

It’s clear to me that no matter where you are cardio/endurance-wise, you can always work yourself to failure in these Insanity routines simply by moving faster, squatting deeper and jumping higher. So the fact that I reach failure late in the Circuits doesn’t bother me anymore. I can tell I’m improving at this stuff.

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