P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 57: Chest & Back; ARX

With week 9 comes the re-introduction of Chest & Back: the Mother of all P90X workouts. It’s been 6 weeks since we last celebrated this push up, pull up extravaganza with Tony, Scotty, Bobby and Maren.

While I very much appreciated the “break” of recovery week and yesterday’s rest day, it’s always a challenge to fire up the furnace to burn through these resistance routines. And Ab Ripper X… there was no joy in that, after my week off. It’s a weird feeling when you take a rest day. You know your body needs it. Heck, you DESERVE it after all the work you put in. Yet you still experience some odd form of guilt about not working out that day. You’re like some just released hostage with a form of P90X Stockholm Syndrome, yearning for captivity. Your tormentors aren’t such bad people. You even identify with Tony and his minions. Heh. I just googled “P90X Stockholm Syndrome” and I see I’m not the first person to make this observation. There is no new thing under the sun.

But I digress. There was progress today with Chest & Back. Particularly in second round results where I was able to match or nearly match my first round reps. And cumulative, unassisted pull ups increased to 41, up from 25 back in week 3. I was definitely feeling my chest and back engaging in the various exercises, which gave me confidence that they will bring results.

Tomorrow begins the Max Insanity routines. If I fail to post, it may be due to untimely death.

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