P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 59: Shoulders & Arms; ARX & Tennis

I’m back now. Sorry for the brief sabbatical. I just don’t know what possessed me. While I fell behind in my postings, I did manage to keep up with Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper X on Friday. I did this routine in the morning because I had a Sr. Men’s Doubles Tennis match scheduled for later in the evening.

All along in my initial round of P90X and through this round, I’ve been keeping my weights very low on the shoulder exercises because shoulders seem the most “at risk” for me to injure. And aside from a minor tweak here and there, I have been successful in avoiding any injuries. So on Friday I was feeling more confident and a little stronger so I increased weights slightly on Seated Two-Angle Shoulder Flys and In & Out Straight Arm Shoulder Flys.  Happily, this weight increase went well and I only felt slightly sore the next day and it was the soreness you get when you exert you muscles more.

Later in the day, my partner and I played and won a two set, very humid tennis match. There was much positive discussion about P90X afterwards!

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