P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 62: Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs

Please. Please make it stop. The voices. Please make the voices go away. I’m sure you’ve experienced the annoyance of having a tune, jingle or song in your head, often for days. Well, that ain’t nuthin.

Let me tell you this, my brother: after over 150 days of P90X, I believe I can go through the entire Ab Ripper X script in my head. I’m constantly hearing Tony. It’s as if I’m channeling him. Part of this, no doubt, is because of the sheer repetition of playing these videos over and over again. But part of it, I’m convinced, is due to the imprinting on the brain because you’re in a vulnerable, weakened, exhausted state: When the body is physically tired beyond a certain point, the mind is weakened, laying a person open to suggestion and limiting their rational cognitive abilities.

 Some “Tonyisms” I experience from time to time:

  • Time for Fiffer scissors, flex your feet and straighten your legs. (I always curse out loud here)
  • Look at Jason, he’s the king, the ripped king….
  • Ab… Ripper… X. Let’s climb our legs!
  • He’s making contact! The man’s making contact elbow-thigh!

I think you get my point.  So yesterday, I was back in insanity-land with my first playing of Max Cardio Conditioning. Together with Cardio Abs, this is about one hour of voluntary self torture. It’s difficult to comment on this. I honestly don’t remember much. Just non-stop and no water breaks that I recall. What always amazes me about Insanity routines is how poorly I do at push ups. Normally, I’m pretty good at push ups. But that’s when I’m not being pushed to the limit on this cardio stuff.  Anyway, maybe I’ll recollect better next time I have an opportunity to do this routine. I know I swapped this one out for Legs & Back next week. This is because in my original hybrid schedule, I had no Legs & Back in Phase III, and I really want to see if I can break the 100 pull up mark before the end of this round.

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