P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 67: Yoga X

After yesterday’s Yoga, I came across these inspirational words from the immortal Jack LaLanne:

Do you ever stop to think about the American Flag, and what it stands for? Representing what? The greatest nation on the face of the earth. Do you ever stop to think of what went in to making this flag possible? The tremendous thought, the sacrifice, the lives lost, the toil, the fitness that went into it. When our forefathers were making this flag possible, they had this nationalistic feeling, they worked together as a team. No jealousy, everybody worked together to make America great. But now that we have too much of everything in this great land of ours, too many things being done for us we have become soft, mentally and physically. So, the symbol here of the greatest nation in the world — first class nation, first great nation — we’re going to be losing our place very sudden-like as a first class power if something isn’t done radically to make the people more fit. That’s why it’s all important for you and I to set examples to show people what can be done about physical fitness, but to educate, to help everyone with whom you come in contact with about fitness. Tell them what has it done for you, how much better you feel mentally, so we can all get together collectively and make America the great, wonderful nation that our forefathers set out to make it. And who is America? Right here, the two of us. That’s what America is. If you get out of condition, and I get out of condition, then America is sick. Let’s make it well.

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