P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 68: Max Interval Circuit

Yesterday’s hour-long cardio fest, aka: Max Interval Circuit went better than my first attempt on Day 61. By the end of the warm-up and stretch, I was feeling pretty good. Now, “pretty good” is a relative term and, for me, “pretty good” in an Insanity workout means I am suffering, but still able to breathe.

The effects of this workout are cumulative, and failure usually comes more from the placement of the exercise than from the difficulty. Yesterday, in particular, Frog Jumps, High-Low Jab with Squat, Side Suicide Jumps and Plank Punches seemed to be the most challenging. If you have long legs, like me, and are a bit uncoordinated, those Side Suicide Jumps are difficult to pull off with anything resembling form and pace.

Oh heck, the more I think about it, The more I recall the difficulty of the entire workout. The toughest part is its sheer duration. You’re giving everything you’ve got to make it through a three-minute interval and the monitor reveals you still have 39:48 minutes left in the routine. Still, it’s amazing to me that I can do any of this Max stuff at all. There were even a couple of times I surprised myself by springing up off the floor at the end of a circuit to revel in my 30 second water break. Also, it’s kind of cool to be plugging along on a given exercise and see people on the video stopping to catch their breath. I never go as fast as they do on the video, so I’m not bragging or anything. But, still, it’s a bit of a psychological reward–a nugget–that helps me get through it.

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