P90X-Insanity Hybrid: Limbo

Today was to be the beginning of week 11 of this hybrid round. Accordingly, I popped the Chest & Back DVD into my player and hit “play.”

Unfortunately, very early in the routine I came to realize that I really ripped the hell out of my abs with yesterday’s little experiment with my neighbor’s ab wheel thing.

This condition fully revealed itself as I attempted pull ups. I’ve never felt it in my abs doing pull ups, but boy I sure did today. I could do the push ups, but the pull ups just weren’t going to happen. So I just stopped the workout. I need to pause for a while and let this settle a bit.

Later in the day, I googled “Ab wheel technique” and discovered that you’re supposed to do this on your knees when first attempting. That little tidbit sure woulda been nice to know yesterday. But even though I’m slightly annoyed at myself for diving headfirst into an uninformed pool of ignorance, I can appreciate how that ab wheel thing, properly used, could produce big results.

And so, my devoted readership, I’m taking a recovery break. But I will be back!

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