P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 73: Shoulders & Arms; ARX

With some difficulty, I worked my way through Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper X yesterday. Why the difficulty? Well, it was tough trying to keep weights and reps the same as in week 9 because I had the 2 weeks off.  This was particularly felt in Congden Curls, were I kept the weight the same, but reps were only 5 and 6 in each round. Early in the routine, I think during In & Out Bicep Curls, my back spazzed out a bit. Minor, but noticeable. I need today’s yoga to offer some relief.

Ab Ripper X had all the day two aches associated with a routine you haven’t done in a while. It hurt! But I muscled through it because I know I can do it and the pain wasn’t “real” (not from an injury).

Short post today. Lucky you!

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