P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 75: Max Interval Circuit

I was hoping yesterday’s Max Interval Circuit would help re-boot my knotty back. Well, it booted me alright!

I know I keep whining about these Insanity Max sessions, but they are just brutal.  This one starts out with about 59 minutes on the clock, and takes me through a sequence that reduces me to a sweaty blob of goo. I also don’t quite know how I get through it. I remember looking up and saw half the time still remaining and I was lacking the “vision” to imagine myself finishing. But, somehow I did. Maybe the knowledge that I finished it before helped. I dunno. Heck, you can do anything for 55 minutes!

On a positive note, my back was feeling better afterwards. One things for certain: Insanity does get your blood flowing!

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