P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 78: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps; ARX

I kicked off week 12 yesterday with a round of Chest, Shoulders & Triceps and Ab Ripper X. I sort of like this routine because I consider it helpful as I gradually build up my weak shoulders. And I also like the fact that I can now do one-arm and clap push ups.

But yesterday’s session was tough. I started out keeping up with my week 10 performance, but I could tell it wasn’t going to be a pretty routine. Everything was harder yesterday. And, in fact, some of my weights and reps dropped since week 10. However, some increased as well, so my total power score for the routine was just slightly higher than week 10. So what’s the deal? Am I just treading water? Shouldn’t I be IMPROVING from week to week? I make no excuses, but here they are, nonetheless:

1) We had a graduation/college sendoff party for my son on Saturday. I drank a few beers.

2) We prepared and I consumed “party food” that is not listed in the P90X nutrition guide.

3) I took that 14 day break and only restarted a week ago.

I could go on. Bottom line, I think it was the alcohol consumption. That was the main variable. The party was good, however. So there’s that.

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