P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 79: Max Interval Plyometrics

Today was another session of Max Interval Plyo. Sometime during the warmup, I believe in the second interval, Shaun T says that you’re warm now and you should at this point be feeling better than when you started. I had to laugh. Before I started, I was sitting in a chair, comfortable, with a heart rate probably around 75 bpm. Now, I was in the second interval of the Insanity warm up listening to Shaun T tell me how great I should be feeling. I thought I was hallucinating. Let me just say this: at no time have I ever felt better during any Insanity workout than I did before I started. In fact, I generally feel worse, and weaker, with each passing second.

So why do you put yourself through it then, you might ask? Well, it’s because I have certainly felt better AFTER having completed an Insanity routine on any given day. And I definitely felt better playing tennis and hiking than I did before subjecting myself to this Insanity-peppered hybrid regimen.

Next round, though, I may swap out some Insanity sessions for another cardio intensive activity: sitting at my computer and watching the wild swings of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Or the real-time price of gold rising as my dollars inflate away. I’m not quite ready yet, though. I need more cardio conditioning or it could kill me to watch either.

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1 Response to P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 79: Max Interval Plyometrics

  1. Great article.
    We always require some kind of push to stay active these days and the p90x routine provides this and makes it possible as it’s actually fun to do and you can actually feel the weight come off as you go through he course!

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