P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 80: Back & Biceps; ARX

Yesterday marked my final pass at Back & Biceps for this hybrid round.

So I gave it some focused effort. I kept weights and reps the same as in week 10 and targeted, you guessed it, pull ups as my motivation. I also did only unassisted pull ups this time. No chair; no bands.

When the dust settled, I managed to do a cumulative 64, unassisted pull ups, up from 52 in week 10. At the end of my first P90X round, I had reached at total of 28 pull ups in this routine. And, if you’re a loyal reader of this blog, you know at the beginning of this year I couldn’t do any pull ups at all. In Back & Biceps, in particular, I could only do ONE pull up to and including week 7. So, 64 makes me happy.

This kind of progress helps keep me motivated. I know and expect that pull ups will continue to improve in my next round of whatever I decide to do. So, goodbye for a month or so to Tim the gum chewing former marine, the very annoying Katie with the squeaky voice and the “very flexible for a muscular guy” Bobby Stevenson.

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2 Responses to P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 80: Back & Biceps; ARX

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love reading your posts, wicked sense of humor & wittiness and wish you the best of luck. I’m on a similar P90X/Insanity hybrid myself (4th week now) and the fact that you couldn’t do any pull ups at the very start actually motivates me because I still can’t. But I literally already feel the progress (I’m doing negative pull ups or half assed ones where I kick off the ground and pull myself). I can’t decide if I should skip the back routines and follow a seperate program until I can actually do a few pull ups. What would you suggest? (I’m 22 y.o. guy, had never really worked out before, been running ~5 km a day as well for a while now, lost incredible amount of weight and still losing effortlessly. I’m not following the nutrition programme but eating quite well: no supplement, barely get any processed/deep-fried food or sugar or cafein; heavy on veggies, fruit, dairy and meat which is mostly white.)

    Also my schedule doesn’t include Yoga X which I kinda liked/missed. Would you suggest replacing my rest day with it? (I could also follow 8 day weeks or workout twice on one of the days)

    What are you planning to do next once you’re done with this hybrid?

    • First, thanks for the kind words. I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

      1. Pull Ups. I recommend sticking with it. With the negatives you are getting stronger. My approach was to do negatives with a chair and then pull a band mounted to a closed door for 25 reps. Plus, you’re young, so your body is actually still producing new cells. I’m 49 years old, and following this negative/band effort with pull ups, it took about 7 weeks before I could start to do unassisted pull ups. But, like you, I could feel myself getting stronger during those weeks. Also, not to be discounted is the fact that you’re losing weight. I lost 15 pounds in my first round of P90X and it’s obviously much easier to pull up something that weighs less. And once the pull ups start happening, you’ll experience big gains. I promise!
      2. Yoga X. I recommend you modify your hybrid to include Yoga X each week and still take your rest day. You’re putting a lot of new demands on your body and it needs recovery time. And the Yoga, time and again, has helped me get through a week where the resistance routines gradually knot up my back. I’m now finally starting to get some flexibility. I tell everyone I know that if I had to choose to do only one exercise routine for the rest of my days, it would be yoga.
      3. What’s next for me. Good question. It will likely be another hybrid. the cardio routines in P90X are now too easy for me. And Insanity is still pure torture. I’m also considering 30 – 60 days of just Insanity before doing another Hybrid. Stay tuned!

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