P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 83: Legs & Back; ARX

Yesterday brought my final session of Legs & Back for this Round 2 Hybrid. I was feeling pretty good going in to it and was curious as to whether my pull up progress would continue or hold.

The faithful reader will recall that the last time I visited Legs & Back, on Day 69,  I achieved what for me was a very significant milestone: I reached 101, cumulative, unassisted pull ups in the routine. So I looked at these week 11 results as I was preparing to begin yesterday’s effort. And I contemplated what lay ahead if I were to continue to advance. It’s funny, at the beginning of the Legs & Back video, Tony Horton says to not get all “jacked up” about the numbers. Yet there I was, completely focused on the math. Week 11’s 101 pull ups meant I averaged exactly 12.625 in each round. But performance varied depending on type of pull up with more on “reverse grips” and less on “wide front.” So, knowing wide front pull ups are my weak area, I knew any hope for further gains this round rested with the other three types of pull ups. With a full understanding of what lay ahead, I hit “play.”

Once again, I kept the weights on all the leg work the same because my focus was pull ups. Plus, I had just climbed up Blood Mountain yesterday, so the legs needed no special attention. The results were completely satisfying. I proved to myself that my crossing the 100 pull up threshold wasn’t a fluke, because I increased cumulative, unassisted pull ups to 114. I experienced gains in three of the four types of pull ups, and matched my results from week 11 on the “wide front” type. 

So as I enter my final recovery week for this hybrid, I’m very satisfied with the continued progress. Just as in my first round of P90X, when I couldn’t do any pull ups and couldn’t imagine the gains I realized, I entered this second round from a good starting point  but didn’t dare think I could achieve 100 pull ups. Yet I did. That’s compelling. The results I have achieved from sticking with it day in and day out has taken me beyond what I thought possible. The body takes you where the mind dare not go.

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2 Responses to P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 83: Legs & Back; ARX

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure as to why this has happened but last sentence “The body takes you where the mind dare not go” sent shivers down my spine. Thank you for reminding us of the animal we are, at the very basic sense. I think I know how you feel now and I just love that feeling. (I’m moving onto the Phase 2 of my hybrid after a sloppy recovery week, hopefully the first unassisted pull up is coming soon)

    • Sorry, I wasn’t trying to creep you out! I was trying to convey how sometimes the biggest barrier we confront is the space between the ears and failing to dare to imagine the possibilities. I’m confident you’ll get to that first unassisted pull up soon–good luck!

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