P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 85: Core Cardio & Balance

It’s been a while since I last had the opportunity to perform the Core Cardio & Balance routine. Now that I’ve been doing the “Max” Insanity sessions, it’s a welcome relief to see the duration at the beginning of these recovery videos. I do not need to steel myself up for an hour of all out oxygen deprivation. As I went through the warmup, stretch and initial moves of the workout, I was very pleased with my performance. Yes, this is an “easier” Insanity workout, but still I could clearly tell I had improved a lot since I began this Hybrid.

I was doing so well that I even, mockingly, performed many of the initial moves with a stupid grin on my face similar to that which Tania (my imaginary Insanity nemesis) has throughout the video. Because, after all, it’s just such a joy to have the opportunity to go through this fun, fun, fun recovery sequence with Shaun T. But I stopped grinning near the end…

Everything was going great until the plie squats at the end of the video. Talk about burn. I did them as commanded but, man, my thighs were burning. And I’m still feeling it this morning as I write this. Shaun T has a way of making 30 seconds seem like an eternity. Similar to the way I can drone on about nothing in a blog post.

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