P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 89: Core Synergistics

Goodbye Core Synergistics. I’m so happy to be done with you, my least favorite of all the routines! No more Bow-to-Bananas, Superman-Bananas, and other carpet pile eating indignities for another month or so.

This Hybrid journey has been an adventure and I’m almost done. I can see the end of the road, the Emerald City! Tomorrow is my last day and then I’m taking a couple of recovery weeks off before I restart my next round of… what? That’s still to be determined.

Currently up for consideration is: a) a 90 day round of straight, classic P90X, b) a 30-60 day round of straight Insanity, c) another 90 day Hybrid round, or d) nothing.

That’s right, “nothing” is on the table. Why? Well, it just might be possible that I’ve gotten too fit from these two back-to-back rounds and I need to proactively go into “couch potato” mode for a few months to dial it down before I restart a third round. Otherwise, there is the very real risk that I will become so very fit that there will be no room for improvement. And we all need goals.

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2 Responses to P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 89: Core Synergistics

  1. Hilarious! That made me so happy. I actually found your post by googling “I hate core synergistics.”

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