Round 3 Hybrid, Day 1: Chest & Back; ARX

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the horrific attack on the United States and the civilized world by a group of morally bankrupt barbarians. Evil exists in the world and it is vital that the good–those that stand for life and liberty–remain vigilant and condemn evil, the cult of death, whenever and wherever it presents itself. Ours is certainly not a perfect Union, we are human beings, and fallible. But there is no greater beacon shining the light of liberty and freedom on the face of the earth than these United States of America. This is the kernel, the grain that will always yield fruit so long as we nurture and empower people to reach their potential.

I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to begin my third round of P90X today. Yesterday, I played my first doubles tennis match of the fall ALTA season. We won (yeah). But between the first and second sets, I was stretching and while doing a push up or downward dog, I felt a pop in my right shoulder. This felt different from the normal crackling and creaking sounds my body makes when I ask it to move. Anyway, I played through the second set, taking a lot off of my serve, just to be safe. When I got home I took three Advils and stretched out. But something is aggravated. It continues to pop slightly when my right arm is doing very light weight actions like brushing my teeth or drinking a glass of low fat chocolate milk.  It felt a little better this morning so I decided to start the Round and stop immediately if anything seemed wrong. The warmup went without incident, though I kept my arms low on jumping jacks. I did feel a twinge of pain in my right shoulder when doing the cross body tricep stretch at the end of the warm up. But nothing, no problems when doing the push ups and pull ups in the routine.

This tells me that it’s an internal muscle/ligament issue. And I’m concerned it might be my rotator cuff. I’ve been fortunate to avoid this injury my entire life, despite having played a good deal of tennis. My hope is it’s a minor aggravation/inflammation that will heal if I take care not to stress it further. I think if it were a tear, it would hurt all the time, no? I’ll continue to monitor.

My numbers were pretty good for beginning a new round. My “total power score” (the accumulation of points on the P90X Excel worksheet “Data” tab), was essentially the same (247 vs. 246) as in week 11 of Round 2, the last time I did Chest & Back. My cumulative pull ups were 51, down slightly from 54. I was surprised how my strength held up since completing Round 2. I took the routine pretty slowly and spent additional time doing ballistic stretching between exercises both to recover and to baby my shoulder.

Ab Ripper X. It still amazes me how quickly this reverts to being an extremely difficult routine after taking a break between Rounds. I know I’ll be feeling it on Tuesday.

Day 1 of Round 3 is “in the can.”  The beginning of another long 90 days. P90X doesn’t actually extend your life, it just seems longer because of all the pain and agony.  

OK, it could help extend your life, I suppose.

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