Round 3 Hybrid, Day 6: Cardio Power & Resistance

I was a little nervous when starting today’s Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance routine. Sure, I’ve done this routine before–6 times, to be exact. But now I have this cool heart rate monitor to track my poor judgement. At 49 years old, my max heart rate is 171 and my 90% level is 154 bpm. Well the battery on my heart rate monitor may die a premature death, because my monitor was beeping throughout most of the workout. My average heart rate was 153. Summary results for this workout:

Total Time:  39 minutes
Calories:  574 (or 14.7/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 153
Max Heart Rate:  170
Time in fat burning zone: 1 minute
Time in fitness zone: 38 minutes

Again, I am still learning about this stuff, but I wasn’t taxing myself any more than I have done in any given Insanity session.  And I’m still here. Am I lucky? Or should I use a different measuring method? From my brief exposure to this stuff, I’ve learned of 2 common methods for tracking target heart rates: 1) Age based and 2) Karvonen.

For the Karvonen method, one must track the Morning Resting Heart Rate (before you get out of bed) for three consecutive days and then calculate the average rate to determine your Morning Resting Heart Rate (MRHR). This resting heart rate is then incorporated in a formula (detailed in the link above) that yields results that allow for higher heart rates in each of the respective target zones. I haven’t measured the MRHR yet for me, but just sitting in a chair prior to todays workout, my heart rate was 60 bpm. So, for this little exercise, let’s just assume my MRHR = 60 bpm. Observe the different target heart rates depending on the method employed:

Using the Karvonen method, my results aren’t as scary. Now, since the Insanity routine I did today is named Cardio Power & Resistance, I suppose a valid argument could be made that my average heart rate of 153 bpm was too high and should have been in the 138-149 range (using the Karvonen method).

The real problem/issue is my age. If I were 20 years old, my max heart rate would be 200 and I would be considered “dogging it” through these routines. I need to find a pill for that.

Anyway, this is where I am in this heart rate learning curve.I’m gonna continue to collect data and present to my doctor for advice and feedback at my next physical.

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2 Responses to Round 3 Hybrid, Day 6: Cardio Power & Resistance

  1. Stumbled on your blog today and love it. I’m on my first round of P90x, second day of phase two. You’re an inspiration as far as charting your info (and finishing) goes. Can’t wait to read more!

    • Thanks for the complement. Sounds like you’re going strong. Phase 1 is the hardest. All the changes, demands on your body and low carb intake is tough. You’ll start feeling better in Phase 2. Keep Pushing Play.

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