Round 3 Hybrid, Day 12: Legs & Back; ARX

Milestone: Today I was able to crank out 125 cumulative, unassisted pull ups in the Legs & Back routine. This represents an all time high for me and is 15 more than last week. I was surprised that this happened. When I began the routine, I was looking at last week’s results wondering how I was going to maintain that level. But, when I began, my back and biceps felt strong, so I went for it. As I write this, of course, I have lost the ability to fully extend my arms. A small price to pay, I believe, for this achievement!

Interestingly, my heart rate in Legs & Back/Ab Ripper X was significantly lower than last week. The total time was about the same and the calories burned was also lower. I expect my heart rate was higher because I was getting sick. I know: two data points… a trend!

My overall Stats for the entire workout (including Ab Ripper X) versus last week:

This week / (Last Week)
Total Time:  86 minutes (87 minutes)
Calories:  829 (952)
Avg Heart Rate: 123 (131)
Max Heart Rate:  162 (167)
Time in fat burning zone: 44 (20) minutes
Time in fitness zone: 42 (67) minutes


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2 Responses to Round 3 Hybrid, Day 12: Legs & Back; ARX

  1. Congrats!

    What kind of heart rate monitor are you using (apologies if you’ve said before).

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