Round 3 Hybrid, Day 11: Yoga X & Tennis

Yesterday worked out well, schedule-wise. I did Yoga X in the morning, followed by singles tennis in the evening. Even so, I feel like an over-cooked noodle today. Between Yoga and tennis, I probably burned about 1,700 calories yesterday. I went into my tennis match feeling pretty good. But man, my opponent wouldn’t go away. He kept getting to balls, causing me to go for more extreme angles and ramping up my unforced errors. Even with all this P90X/Insanity stuff, I was toasty-toast at the end of the 3rd set. I managed to win, but only after doing my best to screw up almost every imaginable opportunity to win. Compliments to my opponent. In my experience, if you’re playing poorly, it’s likely due to something your opponent is doing to you, rather than a sudden loss of tennis ability. Maybe some of the crappiness can be attributed to recovering from this cold. Good news: to my great relief, I had no issues with the shoulder.

Heart results (Yoga X):

Total Time:  91 minutes
Calories:  480 (or 5.3/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 96
Max Heart Rate:  137
Time in fat burning zone: 83 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 7 minutes

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