Round 3 Hybrid, Day 19: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X & Tennis

As I looked over my prior weeks results before starting the Legs & Back routine yesterday, I was convinced my Pull Up progress would be coming to an end. Last week, I did 125 cumulative, unassisted pull ups. To beat this, I would need to exceed an average of 15.625 reps in each of the eight rounds of pull ups in the Legs & Back routine. So I popped in the DVD and pushed “play” with fairly low morale.

Yet, despite this lack of belief, I did slightly increase overall pull ups to 132, cumulative, unassisted reps. However, upon completing the routine, I was again convinced that I’ve peaked. My biceps were very sore and I couldn’t visualize more reps going forward. Now, it’s probably a good thing that I’m done with pull ups for a week as I enter the week 4 recovery period. Perhaps the pain will subside and I’ll be able to “get my mind right” for further improvement. Still, I expect I’ll peak in the pull up department sometime this round. That’s not a bad thing. I’ve made great gains and so when I do peak, I’ll just start abusing my legs more!

After completing Ab Ripper X, I trotted off to tennis practice and played a couple of mediocre sets. I was understandably tired after completing Legs & Back prior to. Why did I even bother going to practice? Well, it was a beautiful fall evening and I also thought it would be useful to practice when feeling tired. Whatever. It was fun.

My stats for the entire workout (including Ab Ripper X) were:

Total Time: 87 minutes
Calories: 873
Avg Heart Rate: 126
Max Heart Rate: 164
Time in fat burning zone: 21 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 66 minutes

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