Round 3 Hybrid, Day 20: Cardio Power & Resistance & Calorie Results

My second full week in possession of a heart rate monitor is now complete. Along the way, I’ve been dutifully tracking my results each day. As promised, here are the two-week numbers.

So far, with this hybrid routine I am burning an average of 4,123 calories/week, or 687 calories/routine. This “burn rate” is considerably higher than the 480 calories/workout I was assuming to be the case in Round 1. And, shockingly, (at least to me) the higher burn rate is not due to Insanity. While Insanity burns calories at a higher rate/minute than P90X, because the Insanity workouts are shorter in duration, the calorie burn is actually less. So far, Insanity is averaging 552 calories burned/workout (13.7/minute), versus 779 calories/workout (9.3/minute) for my P90X components.

Summary results for this workout:

Total Time:  40 minutes
Calories:  501 (or 12.7/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 143
Max Heart Rate:  164
Time in fat burning zone: 1 minute
Time in fitness zone: 39 minutes


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