Round 3 Hybrid, Day 23: Cardio Recovery

Fitness Alert: Candy season is upon us. Followed closely on the heels by mass quantities of food season.

I watched the football game last night and let’s just say I know I more than offset the calories burned in the Cardio Recovery workout. But it’s not my fault! Our host had unlimited quantities of beer, chicken burritos, peanuts, cake, and yes… M&Ms. So, let’s see… last night, I probably consumed the equivalent of at least a Legs & Back routine. Let me tell you, calories hurt much more coming out, than going in. Normally I don’t feel too guilty about these transgressions because I’m working hard. But this is recovery week and there’s no significant caloric offset.

Look at the Cardio Recovery results below. Only 270 calories burned. Not surprising because your heart rate doesn’t go up much in this routine. It’s a nice break from the day-to-day intensity of the core P90X and Insanity routines. But those squats and the squat holds and the squat pulses: burn.

Summary results for this workout:

Total Time:  33 minutes
Calories:  270 (or 8.2/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 113
Max Heart Rate:  145
Time in fat burning zone: 8 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 15 minutes
Time in the mass calorie intake zone: 2 hours

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