Round 3 Hybrid, Days 24 & 25: Yoga X & Pure Cardio & Abs

Please stop worrying. I’m fine. I’ve not fallen behind in my workouts, just my daily blog posting.

This being recovery week, I figured I’d give my fingertips a bit of a break as well. Anyway, On Tuesday I dutifully “cleared my mind” and did yoga.

Yesterday, I did what can only be characterized as “the opposite of yoga”: Pure Cardio & Abs. Man, Pure Cardio & Abs really does a good job waking you out of your recovery week slumber. I don’t believe there’s any Insanity routine that causes me to sweat more. And the numbers show it. Since this was my first pass at PC&A with the heart rate monitor, I took mini breaks whenever my heart rate exceeded 170 bpm. This is, no doubt, where I reached failure at previous attempts. Having the heart rate monitor is nice because I didn’t feel like I was not giving it my all–I was clearly working–and I clearly needed to take the mini breaks. The HRM, in my case, helps me to be objective about my ability/performance while engaged in the Insanity of the routine.

Devout readers of this blog already know that  I’m a big George Harrison fan. And last night I sat down and enjoyed the Martin Scorsese documentary “Living in the Material World.” Such a great songwriter and an inquisitive mind.

Heart results (Yoga X):

Total Time:  93 minutes
Calories:  515 (or 5.6/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 97
Max Heart Rate:  140
Time in fat burning zone: 80 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 13 minutes

contrast with:

Heart results (Pure Cardio & Abs):

Total Time:  56 minutes
Calories:  752 (or 13.4/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 146
Max Heart Rate:  172
Time in fat burning zone: 2 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 55 minutes

And my average heart rate was definitely reduced by the 16 minutes of Ab work at the end. So, wow!

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