Round 3 Hybrid, Days 27 & 28: Cardio X, then Rest, a Wedding, a Walk & Ticks…so many ticks

This past weekend (after doing Cardio X) we flew up to Boston, then drove to Glastonbury, Connecticut to my sister-in-law’s wedding. It was a beautiful day and we all stayed in various bed and breakfasts in town.

If I may register a single complaint, however, it would be this: there was never an opportunity to do the Chicken Dance. Really. Why get married if there’s no Chicken Dance? I take it as a personal affront. Different strokes, I suppose.

The next day, we drove back up to Billerica, MA and went for a short hike with my brother-in-law, his girlfriend and their dog. The trail was low and swampy in spots and as it grew dusk, the mosquitoes came out in force. Yes, mosquitoes in October. They’re bred hardy up in New England. But the mosquitoes weren’t nuthin’ agin the ticks. When we got back to our hotel, Eileen had one tick on her pants. Me, I had about 15. They were everywhere, even IN MY POCKETS. And this is in New England, where 127% of the ticks carry Lyme disease. So, ewwwwww!

The very weird thing was that we were all hiking together following the same trail. It’s not like I was off by myself in some grassy field rolling around. Maybe the ticks were just more attracted to me because of the P90X stuff.

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