Round 3 Hybrid: Day 30: Max Interval Plyometrics

So here’s a question: can anybody really pull off those Power Push ups in Round One of Max Interval Plyo? I mean, come on. For the uninitiated, these are “push ups” where you begin in plank position and then “explode” up, using your core and pulling your arms and legs in, so you wind up standing, bend over, fingers touching toes. Drop down into plank and repeat… and repeat…and (you get the idea).

Me? Well, I can do something resembling the move, but nothing like what they do on the video. It’s “all good” as they say, because my heart rate stays up, which is the main objective. In general, I don’t care for these explosive moves where you drop down into plank and then burst up into something else. I’m always worried that when dropping down my shoulder will give out, resulting in a horrible injury.

I had my annual physical yesterday. This is something that’s not simply a good idea, but is REQUIRED for adults over 40 who participate in activities in the Boy Scouts of America. It seems the Boy Scout organization feels it’s not desirable to have overweight, out of shape adults dropping dead on backpacking trips. I tend to agree. I have to give the BSA credit because 1) it forces me to get an annual physical, something I (like most adult males) wouldn’t do unless required and 2) it led me down the path to do something to get into shape.

Anyway, I told my doctor that since we last met I’ve been abusing myself with P90X and Insanity and am now 1/3 of the way through my third round of this stuff. He was very supportive and enthusiastic and said that there are three things a person can do to extend his life: 1) don’t smoke, 2) good diet and 3) exercise. He also told me he was considering P90X but didn’t have the time for a 6 day/week commitment. He’s about my age and works out 3 days/week for 2-2.5 hours each day doing stuff that, frankly, sounds harder than P90X.

I then showed him my heart rate stats I’ve been tracking since acquiring a heart rate monitor, asking if I was engaging in risky behavior getting my heart rate as high as I have, given my advanced years.

Well, I got a pretty informative schooling about heart rates in general and “max” heart rates. He told me I was in great shape and my heart can clearly go at a rate higher than the standard age-based benchmarks that are directed to the general population. He encouraged me to keep at it. It eased my mind. 

Heart results:

Total Time:  55 minutes
Calories:  751 (or 13.6/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 148
Max Heart Rate:  170
Time in fat burning zone: 4 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 52 minutes

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