Round 3 Hybrid, Day 34: Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs

I’m back from my travels and back on schedule with the completion of today’s Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs. And wow: I had forgotten this “Max” routine. It was seriously humbling. I can see why I forgot about it. I can barely remember it now and I just completed it this morning.

It’s some innate survival instinct, I think, to repress bad experiences. And my head just drifts off into some nether world when doing these Insanity routines. If I didn’t, I’d be too focused on the slowness of the passing of the time. In some relativistic sense, time DOES indeed slow down when I’m doing Insanity. I thought today’s routine would never end.

So, Week 5 is in the can. It took 10 days to complete it, but I should be able to stay on track for the next several weeks. The total calorie burn over the 6 routines was the highest I’ve recorded since getting my heart rate monitor: 4,729. The increase is primarily due to the “Max” insanity routines adding additional burn.

Heart results:

Total Time: 66 minutes
Calories: 902 (13.7/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 148
Max Heart Rate: 172
Time in fat burning zone: 5 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 61 minutes

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