Round 3 Hybrid, Day 35: Rest & Tennis

It was a cold, wet, dark, windy day yesterday morning when I arrived at the tennis courts to play in the ALTA men’s doubles division championships. It was the kind of cold that makes your bones ache. And so wet that it delayed the start times by almost two hours. The light–what little there was–was flat, making it difficult to track the ball. It was an impossible situation. That’s how I remember it, anyway. I lost. But I was not alone. My partner lost as well, along with our entire team. And don’t go telling me about how the other side had to play in those same conditions. I’ll have none of that, thank you. They had home court advantage, and I can only assume it’s always like that on their courts.

I’ve played tennis for a long time. I’ve won matches and lost matches as well. I can tell you this: it’s better to win.

I imagine if I had won the air would’ve been crisp and clean, the sun peeking through the clouds, rays reaching down to touch us. The leaves on the ground around us would have smelled like–victory. But it was not to be.

Until later in the day, that is. My adopted football team, Georgia Tech delivered a stunning and decisive victory over the shocked and awed Clemson Tigers. It made me forget my woes from the morning’s debacle.

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