Round 3 Hybrid, Day 36: Chest, Shoulder & Triceps; ARX

As I write this delayed entry (2 days after the fact), I’m really feeling the glory of Chest, Shoulder & Triceps. As you no doubt remember, the last time I did this routine I mistakenly set my weights an reps to be consistent with the end of my Round 1 results, rather than my Round 2 results. So, I was feeling artificially strong. I became aware of this error as I was entering my results into my tracking spreadsheet. Well, on Sunday, I made sure I was working off of the correct data, and also worked to increase reps and weights where possible. Whenever I increase reps and weights, even slightly, I always feel it more two days later.

I was surprised to see that I burned about 50 fewer calories this week than last, even though I increased the effort. Margin of error in the HRM, perhaps?

Heart results:

Total Time: 73 minutes
Calories: 740 (9.6/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 123
Max Heart Rate: 158
Time in fat burning zone: 36 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 38 minutes

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