Round 3 Hybrid, Day 38: Back & Biceps; ARX

Remember how I was complaining about being “racked?” Well, the pain continues and the obvious culprit is pull ups & bicep curls. So prudence tells me I need to stop being “all jacked up” about the numbers and give myself some slack by reducing reps and weights, as appropriate.

I’ve reached this conclusion after yesterday’s Back & Biceps effort, where I opted to just work through the pain. (Reaching an all time high of 78 cumulative, unassisted pull ups.) In hindsight, I think that was poor judgement and, while the pain is more of an ache, I don’t want to tear anything. Self diagnosing, I believe I have an inflammation of the distal biceps tendon. So, while I understand and appreciate the concept of “no pain, no gain,” there’s obviously a line you don’t want to cross where pains leads to loss.

In any event, I’m sure I’ll be fully recovered after today’s yoga session. 🙂

Heart results:

Total Time:  74 minutes
Calories:  823 (or 11.2/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 134
Max Heart Rate:  167
Time in fat burning zone: 22 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 52 minutes

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