Round 3 Hybrid, Day 44: Max Interval Plyo

Heh, heh, heh. Clever me. I purged the Halloween candy from my house. How? Well, I just took it all to last night’s Boy Scout meeting. I know, I know, it’s sending the wrong message and contributing to childhood obesity, etc. and so on.

But I had a choice and it was either them or me. I chose to sacrifice the boys’ well being to keep me from those sweet chocolate temptations.

They were pretty happy about helping me out, too!

Max Interval Plyo went well. I’ve been noticing how my calorie burn is lower for each week I repeat a given routine, even as I increase my results. Interesting.

Heart results:

Total Time:  55 minutes
Calories:  716 (or 13.0 minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 144
Max Heart Rate:  169
Time in fat burning zone: 4 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 52 minutes

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