Round 3 Hybrid, Day 45: Back & Biceps; ARX

We’re half way, party’s almost over, what a bummer. ~ T. Horton

 Tony: You got you tickets?
(the annoying) Katie: To What?
Tony: The Show.
(the annoying) Katie: What show, Tony?
Tony: The gun show!

Yesterday I focused on getting my mind right and trying to turn less weight/fewer reps into a positive thing. And you know what? It actually was. I completely skipped the initial exercise: Wide Front Pull Ups. By skipping these, I avoided the pain ripping on my elbow tendons. This actually enabled me to perform better on the remaining pull ups. So, while my cumulative pull ups were lower than last week, I still cranked out 69–without pain. And this (excluding wide front pull ups) is one better than last week.

I also significantly lowered my weights in most of the bicep curls. This allowed me to focus on form. I also, at times, significantly increased my reps while being sure to avoid pain. At the end of the workout, the calorie burn was 32% lower than last week–evidence of the reduced effort. Yet I still felt as if I had productively worked the muscle groups while nursing my injury to recovery. Also, I have to say, the lower weights actually made Back & Biceps enjoyable again, instead of the brutal effort nearing the wrong side of pain that it had been of late.

Heart results:

Total Time:  66 minutes
Calories:  560 (or 8.6 minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 116
Max Heart Rate:  158
Time in fat burning zone: 35 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 31 minutes

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