Round 3 Hybrid: Day 46: Downward Dog Magazine, November 2011

It was a little late this month, but the Thanksgiving issue of Downward Dog Magazine arrived for my Wednesday yoga session. And just in time for this year’s Thanksgiving meal planning.

As the heart results below show, I had a fairly easy yoga session on Wednesday. Not sure why. I was working it, getting low in my warriors. But for some reason, it just wasn’t as taxing as usual. Who knows the mysteries of the body.

Later in the day I played my final singles tennis match of the fall season. So much for my undefeated record. I was easily beaten by a younger player who, darn him, wouldn’t make the requisite unforced errors. He just kept on keeping the ball in play, giving me the opportunity to hit a winner for him by attempting to add pace and knocking the ball out. I can’t say fitness was a factor. He was just more consistent.

Heart results (Yoga X):

Total Time: 92 minutes
Calories: 413 (or 4.5/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 90
Max Heart Rate: 131
Time in fat burning zone: 84 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 7 minutes

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