Round 3 Hybrid, Days 49 & 50: Rest, Backpacking & Core Cardio & Balance

This past Saturday was a rest day and an opportunity to go backpacking with our Boy Scout Troop on the Benton MacKaye Trail. We hiked a total of 11.4 miles from the Three Forks trailhead to the intersection at Route 60. We Camped Saturday night along the Toccoa River in a beautiful campsite adjacent to the suspension bridge that’s located there. I would classify it as a moderate hike with some steep climbs but not overly long. We enjoyed great–perfect really–hiking weather.

File this under the category of never being too old to learn new things: did you know that the skin on the end of you elbow is called the wenis? Yes, that’s right. Well, as you might imagine, teenage boys find this to be very funny indeed and they proudly shared this knowledge with me. I must admit, it’s kind of amusing even at my advanced years.

After a day and a half of healthy outdoor activity, we drove back home, stopping for the requisite fast food to replenish the LDL cholesterol levels in our blood. I did the best I could with a Wendy’s full-sized chicken-pecan salad, with the pecans & pomegranate dressing.

Once home, while still all grungy, I did Core Cardio & Balance.

Heart Results:

I didn’t wear my HRM while backpacking, but assuming 600 calories/hour x about 6 hours of moving, I probably burned about 3,600 calories on the hike.

Core Cardio & Balance:
Total Time: 38 minutes
Calories: 414 (11.0/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 132
Max Heart Rate: 159
Time in fat burning zone: 5 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 33 minutes

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