Round 3 Hybrid, Days 51-53: Cardio Recovery, Yoga X & Pure Cardio & Abs

Once again, I’ve fallen behind in my posts. Allow me to “Ketchup” in a single post.

Sorry. That was bad, even for me.

Anyway, although I’ve been lagging in my posts, (hey, its recovery week!), I have been keeping up with my exercises. Here’s the score:

Monday: Cardio Recovery. Wow, this workout really works your quads. Those squats and pulses and isometric holds are very difficult. Pluses are it’s only 33 minutes. Minuses–only 220 calories burned!

Tuesday: Yoga X. Doh! I always forget that my recovery week has Yoga on Tuesday instead of the usual Wednesday, so it was tough to squeeze in 90 minutes. I ate a late lunch. I did very well in this week’s yoga effort, doing push ups throughout the moving asanas. Still, My calorie burn was an all-time yoga low of only 425.

Wednesday: Pure Cardio & Abs. The relaxation ended yesterday with this routine. It’s hard, hard work. But for the first time, I pretty much kept up with the video people. Only at the very end, with push up jacks, did I take a 10 second break. High burn: 749 calories in 57 minutes (including 16 minutes for Cardio Abs). Heart rate was up there: average was 145 with a max of 173.

This week was (and is) a much needed break from the resistance routines, especially the ones that have been ripping my arms up. I’ve been feeling progressively better with each passing day.

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