Round 3 Hybrid, Day 57: Chest & Back; ARX

On Sunday, I began week 9 of this Round 3 hybrid. And boy did I work. After the recovery week, I was pleased to find that when I started out the Chest & Back routine, I was feeling strong. Usually, I never really feel strong from day to day because my body is always in a state of damage/repair mode from the constant workouts. But like I said, I started our feeling strong, push ups were great.

On wide front pull ups, though, I found that my elbow muscles are still not really healed and they quickly got sore in my attempts. Stubbornly, I still matched my previous wide front pull up count from week 3 ( 8 in round 1, 6 in round 2). I also reached a cumulative high pull up count for this routine: 72, up from my previous of 60. I knew my schedule this week only had one session of pull ups, so perhaps the additional time will help the healing process. If not, I’ll probably just continue to skip wide front pull ups or maybe replace them with standard pull ups, or chin ups, since those don’t hurt.

Continuing on: I pushed myself pretty hard and was relieved to hear Tony Horton say at one point that he was feeling a bit nauseous, because he was not alone. It DID give me another FREE marketing idea for the folks at Beachbody: the P90X barf bag. Who hasn’t needed one at some point?

Matters of the Heart:

Total Time:  79 minutes (including Ab Ripper X)
Calories:  814 (or 10.3/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 127
Max Heart Rate:  160
Time in fat burning zone: 14 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 65 minutes

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