Round 3 Hybrid, Day 58: Max Interval Plyo

Yesterday, while doing Max Interval Plyometrics, I inadvertantly started the video selecting the “play without music” option. I have to say, that when you do these routines over and over again, ANY change is refreshing. In particular, I enjoyed hearing all the huffing and puffing that had been masked over by the music. Somehow, the pain is easier to endure knowing that they’re suffering too. Schadenfreude, I believe, is the word.

So I have to recommend giving the “no music” option a try, if only to mix up the routine a bit. Wow, the heart was pumping yesterday:

Heart Results:

Total Time:  55 minutes
Calories:  747 (or 13.5/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 148
Max Heart Rate:  174
Time in fat burning zone: 1 minute
Time in fitness zone: 54 minutes

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