Round 3 Hybrid, Day 67: Max Interval Circuit

Stop. That’s what my body screams from every pore when I start doing this routine.

But after a time–maybe 20 minutes–some primal switch clicks on and I just start mechanically doing what I’m told to do. Moving through the incessant plyo jumps, squats, plank runs and so on. I guess that’s because my critical thinking capability has left me at that point and my body is in some sort of survival mode, thinking it’s running away from a brown bear or something.

I was reading somewhere about someone not enjoying some aspect of a given routine or  exercise and just skipping it altogether. I had to laugh. What the heck does enjoyment have to do with it? Enjoyment is, for me anyway, hopefully the result of suffering through these daily routines to give myself a chance to do the things I actually enjoy without injury. It is most definitely not the rote exercise process.

Before you all start tweeting, texting and emailing me asking me what happened to Wednesday’s Yoga session, I skipped yoga on Wednesday (didn’t make the time). I’m gonna do it tomorrow on my rest day. Namaste.

Heart Results:

Total Time:  60 minutes
Calories:  831 (or 13.9/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 149
Max Heart Rate:  168
Time in fat burning zone: 2 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 58 minutes

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