Round 3 Hybrid, Day 71: Chest & Back; ARX

Sunday began week 11 and the push up pull up fest that is Chest & Back. Again, I opted to replace wide front pull ups with standard pull ups. Since these are easier than wide front pull ups, my counts were artificially higher than they otherwise would have been. But I’m still wary of tweaking my elbow muscles with the wide fronts. So it is what it is.

With these inflated results, my cumulative, unassisted pull ups reached a new high of 79 for Chest & Back. Even factoring the results down slightly, to “normalize” for wide fronts, my results improved slightly, so that’s good.

Man, that Rest day is a big deal for me. Skipping it on Saturday to catch back up with my schedule reduced my life force somewhat on Sunday. Ab Ripper X was a slough. 

Heart Results:

Total Time:  68 minutes
Calories:  637 (or 9.4/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 121
Max Heart Rate:  158
Time in fat burning zone: 16 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 52 minutes

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