Round 3 Hybrid, Days 80-82: Back & Biceps, Ab Ripper X, Yoga & Max Interval Circuit

Power posting is what I’m doing here. While I’m staying on course with my daily regimen, I’ve been lagging with the blogging. Many, I know, view this as a gift.

But for the avid reader, you’ve no doubt been wondering how things are progressing. Pretty well. I must say I’m motivated knowing this is my final resistance week. Yoga yesterday was blah. I just wasn’t into it and I didn’t do any push ups during the moving asanas. So my total yoga calorie burn was only 337!

You may also recall that a few posts back I was complaining about Anna smiling her way through Max Interval Circuit. Boy did I catch some grief for that. Apparently, Anna is a beloved Insanity cast member among men and women alike. So today, feeling a bit chastened, I decided to fix my negative attitude. During the High Knees with a Twist move I put a stupid grin on my face and smiled the whole way through it. I felt like when I was in Jr. High School on the playground, or maybe it was more like climbing Mt. Everest… 

Problem solved. Attitude adjusted.

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