Round 4 Hybrid, Day 1: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X

Well, I began my fourth round of P90X today. Having done this three times before, I can now confidently assert that starting over never gets easier. My results were much lower than where I left off almost a month ago, but my calorie burn (effort) was much higher. I’m ok with the lower results because 1) they always dip between rounds and 2) I’ve decided to not be “all jacked up” about the numbers this time.

Part of the reason I was burning out last round was just the mental exhaustion of trying to increase my results every day and also the physical toll of working to the point of feeling sick. So I decided to ease up a bit this time. I still plan to record and trend my results, but I hope to calibrate my effort to how I’m feeling on any given day. We’ll see. It’s only Day 1.

Even though I say this, I still was working my hardest today to the point of nausea. I guess the main difference is psychological: the goal wasn’t to achieve X number of pull ups or whatever. The goal was to just bring good effort. Since I burned 859 calories, I think I met the goal.

I weighed in yesterday at 149 lbs before starting the Insanity Fit Test. I was surprised that I hadn’t gained any weight over the holidays, especially since I wasn’t working out. I took my measurements today and felt good because my body fat percent has been steadily decreasing since beginning P90X about a year ago. Since last year, my weight has dropped from 163 lbs to 149 lbs. My body fat % has dropped from 18.9% to 12.1%, my BMI dropped from 22.1 to 20.2. I sensed this was the trend, which is a big reason I opted to stay with this Hybrid. It’s just nice to see my suspicions confirmed with these stats.

As with the last round, I want to keep my weight the same but continue to increase Lean Body Mass. More weight is even OK so long as body fat doesn’t go up. But playing with the numbers and trends, I think it’s unlikely I’ll gain much weight, because there’s still a little fat that will burn off.

Abs were noticably weaker in today’s Ab Ripper X effort.

Heart Results:
Total Time:  80 minutes
Calories:  859 (or 10.8/minute)
Avg Heart Rate: 131
Max Heart Rate:  177
Time in fat burning zone: 9 minutes
Time in fitness zone: 71 minutes

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1 Response to Round 4 Hybrid, Day 1: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t you just love it when you have to lean down to your plate to eat because your arms won’t lift? As for ultimate goals, I’d like to lose about 6 lbs while getting definition and increasing my lean body mass significantly. (I know this is rather vague but this time around I’m not all about specifics and numbers. I’ll just try to do my best -and forget the rest-)

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